Junk from Attics, Basements, Yard Debris and Waste, Furniture, Appliances, Building Materials, Wood, Boxes, Tires, Mattress, Concrete, Drywall, Paint Cans, Refrigerators and Air Conditioners, basements, business space, evictions, estates, foreclosed properties, move outs and much more!

No restrictions … one call and we haul it all!


Is your garage full of old appliances, furniture, and boxes? Do you need help with construction site clean-up? Are you facing the unpleasant task of cleaning out an estate, foreclosure, or eviction property?

If you need trash removal in MD, you’ve come to the right place. Serving both residential and commercial customers, KandL Haul away Service offers a full range of garbage removal and disposal services. With a fleet of dump trucks, our team is equipped to handle trash removal projects large and small.

So whether you’re looking at unwieldy items like furniture or appliances or a mess that’s just too humongous to handle yourself, KandL Haul away Service is here to help.

We can even offer same-day service for most trash hauling projects. Our professionals are ready to provide cost-effective, efficient junk removal in Maryland!

We remove…Garbage, Waste, Rubbish & Trash, Wood, Drywall, Building Materials, Concrete, Furniture, Mattresses, Box Springs, Yard Debris & Waste, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, & much more


Unlike trash removal companies that have long lists of restrictions on what they’ll take away, KandL Haul away Service provide complete junk removal services.

With one call, we’ll haul it all–no restrictions! So whether you’re cleaning out the attic or finishing up a construction project, our team can help ensure all of your debris is completely and affordably removed.

Our garbage removal and trash hauling services are ideal for just about any rubbish removal project, and with a variety of truck sizes available, we’re sure to have an option that’s perfect for the amount of junk you need to be removed.

At KandL Haul away Service, our fleet of trucks now includes the supersized Mega Dump Truck. The largest dump truck in the tri-state area, this monster can carry up to FOUR TONS of debris. That means larger loads and fewer trips for the biggest trash removal jobs. If you’re looking at a mountain of trash, don’t be overwhelmed.

And don’t forget, we recycle. We’ll haul away your trash, garbage, and debris, but it won’t all go straight to the dump. We’ve gone green: we recycle any rubbish that we can, helping keep the planet a little cleaner and greener as well as helping you clean up your property!

We provide trash haulers for: Estates, Evictions, Foreclosed homes, Move-outs, Businesses, Construction and remodeling projects (contractors and DIY jobs), Attic and basement clean-outs, Yard clean-up

Additional Services

Recycling, Cleaning, and Donation. If you need any of these additional services, call KandL haul away service. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality services available in the Hauling industry each day. Providing 100% satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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